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What Will I Get ?
To understand the main concepts (Organizational Units, Master Data and Transactional Data) in S/4 HANA EWM
To create the main Organizational Units and Master Data in S/4 HANA EWM
To understand the differences between SAP WM and S/4 HANA EWM
Recommended previous knowledge of SAP, specially of SAP WM, but not necessary
SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) is the NEW functionality that SAP offers for the management of stock in specific bins inside the new release S/4 HANA.
It is a functionality every logistics consultant or practitioner should be aware of it.
SAP EWM allows to subdivide SAP Inventory Management Storage Locations in different specific bins and at the same time it offers all related functionality for the placement in Warehouses (Putaway processes) and the removal from them (Stock Removal processes).
In addition to that, it offers different integration functionality with the rest of Logistics or related modules (SAP PP, SAP SD, SAP QM, …).

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